Cloud CMA - Free CMA service

CMA, the short form abbreviation of “Comparative Market Analysis” is essentially a way for you to get an evaluation of your piece of Real Estate, while taking into consideration local market trends and data. The button below will take you to a service I pay for monthly that allows you to get a full blown evaluation for free. It will only ask for your name and some contact information so the service knows where to send the Evaluation. This link does what they call a “Quick and Dirty” version, which means I will not crate it personally. The two down sides to this are one - the fact that all homes are unique, so certain aspects of your home such as remodels you have completed, unique views and other aspects of your property that give it value, will not be taken into consideration, and two it may pull from listings or past sales that are not exactly perfect comparables, which could skew the data both in or out of your favor. In order to get around this, I would recommend contacting myself, and I will go through it personally and give a more accurate evaluation.Even though these two aspects can be discerning, don’t hesitate to try out the service, it is still a phenomenal way to get some good quality data of your local market and your own property!

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